4té inc.

377 Dalhousie Street, Suite 301
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 2H6
+1 613 232 4499


Team Leaders

Chantal Boyer-Casey

Principal, Interior Designer
Origin: Ottawa, Canada

Fluently bilingual in French and English, Chantal leads Vision and Culture at 4té. She also leads and manages a variety of simple to complex design projects in the corporate, hospitality, residential and government sectors. Highly respected for her thoughtful leadership skills, Chantal always has a positive outlook and a forward-thinking approach. Together, with her collaborating and multi-tasking skills, this makes her an inspiring mentor.

Chantal’s interest in business operations and her entrepreneurial spirit have been pivotal to 4té’s evolution. Add to that her dedication to responding to client needs, providing the highest levels of service, and meeting project goals—all client-driven qualities that have spurred a multi-year track record of success stories. Chantal is a recent recipient of the prestigious "Forty Under 40" Award which is one of the most sought-after and distinguished business awards for young business leaders in the National Capital Region.

Chantal is a creative and passionate person who believes that “work hard, play hard” is a good motto to live by. Despite her aversion to sub-zero temperatures, she’s an avid snowboarder who loves big mountain powder. She has also travelled extensively throughout Central and South America volunteering to support children and animal welfare.

Chantal’s idea of the perfect kid-free vacation is: heli-ski in the morning, free-dive in the afternoon, sleep, repeat.