4té inc.

377 Dalhousie Street, Suite 301
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 2H6
+1 613 232 4499


What we do

Are you considering a relocation, design-build, refurbishment or optimization of your facility? This significant process can be an overwhelming prospect for any organization. At 4té inc. we can assist you throughout the duration of your project. Using our experience, ability to listen and methodical approach, we will guide you through all project phases. We create effective work environments with innovative, creative and sustainable solutions always customized to your unique requirements. {Client listing at the bottom of Portfolio page}

Prime Consultant Services

For any project, the technical requirements and demands often require partnerships with other experts in their respective disciplines. We seamlessly integrate these into your project. Other professionals we collaborate with are:

  • Engineering: mechanical, electrical, structural

  • Architectural

  • Environmental

  • Acoustical

  • Security

  • Audio Visual/IT

  • Signage

  • Move management

Interior Design Consultant Services

4té Inc. works independently or as an integral part of your project team. We have the resources and expertise to manage your project from launch to completion, finish it on time and on budget, and ensure the results resonate and connect with you. Our services include:

  • programming and planning

  • concept and design development

  • construction documentation

  • tender and contract award

  • construction administration

  • furniture, fixtures and equipment specifications and procurement

  • move management

  • change management

  • signage and wayfinding services

We develop workplace strategies to align with, support and advance your core business strategy. Not only will we incorporate the fundamental elements of design into your project, but we’ll also create a user profile to clearly understand how to showcase—however boldly, however subtly—your unique brand, corporate identity and personality.

We believe in what we do. Our designs are as functional as they are creative and as classic as they are memorable. Beyond ensuring the safety, security, health and well-being of all those who occupy or visit these spaces, we’re also focused on designing an “experience” that invokes a mood. Do you want your employees and guests to feel welcomed? Inspired? Relaxed? Wowed? Leave it with us and 4té will design it for you.