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Lovline Marcello

Origin: South Sudanese and Canadian

About: Prior to graduating from the BAA of Interior Design program, Lovline started her design career as a freelance graphic designer in the city. Her interior design experience kicked off in the residential sector where she learnt a great deal about finishes and how-to council couples who can’t quite agree on a cherry oak or maple wood floor. Lovline’s belief in holistic design and reaching the public on a large scale auspiciously landed her at 4te.

Outside of 4té, Lovline is a design aficionado through and through. She looks to everything for inspiration; architecture, fashion, graphics, fine arts, culture…food, you name it!

She can’t keep herself at home for more than a few hours before needing to go out and indulge in anything fun and exciting.

If Lovline were to choose between five days exploring Disney or New York City, she would take New York City without a doubt!